Hamilton London


I first discovered Hamilton at the end of 2015 on All Songs Considered‘s best of the year. I had not heard of it before and so the “wait, whaaat?” factor after listening to the founding of the United States told as hip-hop opera* was pretty striking. Sometimes hype becomes irritating but not so with Hamilton: Lin-Manuel Miranda has written himself into the western canon and deservedly so. As Time Out put it, “Yes, it’s kind of a drag that there’s so much hype around it. But there was a lot of hype around penicillin. And that worked out pretty well.”

Seeing the original Broadway production would have been great but that ship has sailed. We saw Hamilton London this week and felt we had landed a good second best. The energy and wit of the production were matched by an audience who whooped and cheered after every song. Alas, we saw the Hamilton and Burr alternates; they were good but now we need to try to see it again with the main players (which, unsurprisingly, I don’t mind at all…)

Buy. Because piracy sucks. I would happily accept the vinyl.