How to make money at university and kill that student loan #2: survey sites that don’t suck

As my son approaches university, I decided I would try to teach him how he can make, save, and spend money on a student budget. I have written about user testing, now it’s the turn of online surveys.

Paid survey sites pay money to get your opinion about things. Bear in mind the following:

  1. Doing surveys online is really boring. To stay sane, you won’t want to spend hours doing it.
  2. Some survey sites pay little or require you to take a million surveys before you earn enough money to cash out. Avoid.
  3. Be prepared to start lots of surveys only to be told you don’t qualify.

With that in mind, let me recommend just five sites.

Non-crap survey sites in order of preference


The best is SurveyBods. One month: £13.50. Nice to look at and has interesting surveys. Well, not dreadfully uninteresting anyway.


Next is Panelbase. One month: £10.70.

Third is iPoll. One month: £10.81. American and slightly clunky, but payout is decent.

Prolific. These are surveys for academic research purposes. One month: £5.10.

Pinecone. Not many surveys but well-paid (c.£3 each). Invitation only.

Total per month: ~£40. 

Next: micro jobs.