“Proven 48h* dry effect”

48 hours, huh? Thanks a long time to keep a Gamorrean Guard stink free.


Although it took me a while to find the explanatory asterisk that suggested the 48 hour dry effect claim needed a closer look, L’Oreal Men Expert Fresh Extreme Anti-Perspirant Deodorant eases skeptical minds by marshalling the evidence of an “instrumental test” and the brilliance of its “Sweat Captor Technology” to claim that it will keep even the stinkiest among us (including Graham the Gamorrean) dry for 48 hours.

The can is suitably shiny for male tastes but coloured like a house in a suburban estate in Austria such that your lady may feel compelled to nick it from time to time. The smell is, well, “ice cool.” The effect is Atacama dry. It works. Graham is happy. The only thing making Graham uncomfortable now are the sharp teeth of the Rancor baying beneath him.

P.S. I love that my spellchecker is happy with Gamorrean.