To Hangman’s Hill and Clutter’s Cave

As before, we climbed from Castlemorton to the Pink Cottage but headed north to Hangman’s Hill. This is a landscape of evocative names: Broad Down, Clutter’s Cave, British Camp. The Shire Ditch, or Red Earl’s Dyke, was made by Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, to mark the boundary between his chase and that of the Bishop of Hereford. (The quarrel between the earl and the bishop is the origin of several tales about the ditch, one involving a duel.) Before we head to British Camp, Clutter’s (or Giant’s) Cave is worth a visit. No-one knows who this Clutter was and what he did in the cave; personally, I prefer the story that it was a hideaway for Owen Glendower (or that a giant hurled a rock at his cuckolding wife, thus creating the cave).

(Pictures by Jacob.)