St. David’s Day

As an Englishman I am supposed to do something mean to a Welshman today, perhaps “by hanging out all kinds of scarecrows with leaks on their heads” in order to humiliate his patron saint. A few taunts of “Taffey” should also be in order.

Such were the antics reported by William Schellinks on his visit to England in 1662.  While the good-natured intra-national teasing which bounces around these islands is part of British life, to be boorishly anti-Welsh today would be both silly and rude.

It would also make no sense, given my own Glamorgan ancestors and my love of Wales, especially Dewi’s own Pembrokeshire, the lovely cathedral of which we visited (again) last summer, and which I would like to feature as a proper pilgrimage destination soon.


Avoiding evil at St. David’s Cathedral

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Hapus!

3 thoughts on “St. David’s Day

  1. For St. David’s Day in my northern California ward, I played preludes (I’m the ward organist) based on the Welsh hymn tunes “Aberystwyth” and “Hyfrydol”. Our hymn book also contains the tunes “Cwm Rhondda” and “Rhosymedre”. Hwyl!

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