English Year Update

We have marked the English Year several times since my last post.

  • St. Valentine’s Day: one of the few traditional holidays whose popularity has increased in recent years, probably due to its secular and commercial appeal. Thanks, B, for the Love Hearts!
  • Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day: a day of gluttony before Lent. Pancakes, of course, and also my last helping of meat for school lunch until Easter. (At my school, lunch can be a lavish affair.) I committed myself to flexitarianism a while back — I do not think that eating meat is mala in se, but I do think the factory production of meat is immoral and would be curbed if we would dial down our appetites for cheap meat (“eat meat sparingly” as one Mormon text puts it). Lent is a good re-commitment.
  • Ash Wednesday: marked by a Lenten service in Worcester Cathedral. We are giving up the following for Lent: evening internet (me), evening iPod (Becky), fizzy drinks (W), chocolate (M), and non-fiction books for bedtime reading (J).
  • Leap Year Day: this is also the Feast of St. Oswald, the Saxon Bishop of Worcester. I listened to sung Eucharist.
  • Despite my part Welsh ancestry, I simply cannot bring myself to celebrate St. David. Don’t expect anything for St. Patrick or St. Andrew either. As for me and my house, we will honour St. George!

From a series on the English Year. See the wonderful book by Steve Roud.


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