St. Wulfstan’s Day

This is the view from work:

The tower is of Worcester Cathedral, a building that began to take on its present glory during the bishopric of St. Wulfstan (died 1095), the last surviving pre-Norman conquest bishop. Wulfstan was once a popular saint and his tomb (wrecked during the Reformation) made Worcester a pilgrimage site. Now long forgotten, the 19th January is St. Wulfstan’s Day. Jacob and I enjoyed the peal of bells, grateful to work in the shadow of such a magnificent building.

Lord God,
who raised up Wulfstan to be a bishop among your people
and a leader of your Church:
help us, after his example,
to live simply,
to work diligently,
and to make your kingdom known;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

From a series on the English Year. See the wonderful book by Steve Roud.