Plough Sunday/Monday

The first Monday after Epiphany is Plough Monday when the ploughs are traditionally readied and the soil first turned over for the year. In some places, particularly in the eastern shires, a plough was paraded through town by the plough boys in an attempt to collect donations. Various vulgarities, e.g. cross-dressing, often took place, of which the Puritans took a Very Dim View. The ploughs were blessed by the vicar the Sunday before.

Feeling somewhat pagan we lit some candles by our vegetable patch and discussed what we’d like to grow this year. Consensus was carrots, lettuce, onions, spinach, beans and rocket. We also have raspberry bushes and several apple and pear trees. The kids have been instructed to turn a spade in the newly composted soil when they get home from school tomorrow.

From a series on the English Year. See the wonderful book by Steve Roud.


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