The English Year/Twelfth Night

Guided by Steve Roud’s excellent The English Year, our family has embarked in 2012 on an effort to properly mark the rhythm of the traditional English calendar. We expect to be cheese-rolling in the spring, eating figs on Palm Sunday, and doing Halloween the proper way.

Life got in the way of doing Twelfth Night justice yesterday, although I was fortunate to attend and speak at an Epiphany service at Worcester Cathedral. We did hold off until yesterday to take down our Christmas decorations — it’s a shame that Christmas now seems to peter out at New Year. Becky made us some traditional “Lamb’s Wool,” a warm, wassail-like drink where the apple pulp is supposed to look a little like wool. Here’s M. enjoying her cup:

From a series on the English Year. See the wonderful book by Steve Roud.


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