It’s official: football is rotten


I’ve been putting off this admission for quite a while but cometh the hour cometh the confession:

Football is rotten. Not just bent, not just greedy. Rotten, as in an infestation of maggots munching their wormy way through the once beautiful game.

The Thierry Henry incident confirms it. It’s not really about Henry — professional athletes will always seek competitive advantage, some will cheat.

No, I blame FIFA. Talk about asleep at the wheel. As custodians of the game they must take immediate and decisive action to exile the cheaters. The remedy is easy:

1. Video panels to assess every high level game, identify divers and other cheats, and serve offenders with lengthy bans.

2. Video replay. Give managers two challenges per game.

Until this happens, football will further descend into pantomime.


  1. Between this and the BYU-New Mexico incident, one wonders about the quality of referees and line judges. Totally need video replay brought in.


  2. I hadn’t thought about football much since I left england back in 1990 (except for the world cup) but all these stories got me thinking about my old favorite team — Wimbledon. So I looked them up this morning and kept drilling down and down and down the leagues until I finally found them – WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED????

    Thank goodness for wikipedia – I guess I am a Milton Keynes Dons man now 🙂 Not so bad, I did spend a few good months there as a missionary so it almost fits.


  3. Unbelievable. I agree that FIFA is a complete train wreck. The two goals robbed from the US were horrible but that one was even worse.


  4. This travesty shouldn’t be used as an excuse for England’s woeful performance this World Cup, but at 2-2, this game could have been different. Goals change games.


  5. Refereeing has been poor but the real travesty in football is the Premier League, which allows shady investors to plunder the clubs, exploit the fans, and undermines England’s national team.

    If it weren’t for the record debt load, then players would get a winter break and would be fit for the world cup.

    Market fundamentalism does not work anywhere, be it the financial markets or professional football. Markets only work when there is accountability. Corporate raiders need to pay for the damage they wreak on football clubs, the Premier League, and European football.


  6. They are all corrupt, thieving little toe rags. Blatter is the worst – he MADE this happen, so that he could line his own pockets, if you are involved with FIFA, be ashamed, very ashamed and wait for the knock on the door, anti corruption police are on their way!!!


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