A message from Benedict Arnold to the rebellious Britons in the American colonies

I am now led to devote my life to the re-union of the British empire, as the best and only means to dry up the streams of misery that have deluged this country. They may be assured, that concious of the rectitude of my intentions, I shall treat their malice and calumnies with contempt and neglect.



  1. Arnold was clearly right.

    Had the British in the American colonies not committed treason, then:

    1. British-America would have given slavery up earlier and been more generous to the Indians.
    2. The British Empire would have been unstoppable, negating the rise of Germany, and thus sparing us from two world wars.

    Arnold was a hero. England fights for his memory tonight.


  2. British-America would have given slavery up earlier

    That seems like a questionable assumption. If the South seceded from British rule over slavery, would Britain have successfully prevented them from doing so? Especially with the northern colonies halfway envious of doing the same?

    As for Benedict Arnold, his primary claim to fame is committing treason against two countries.


  3. Actually, I think Benedict Arnold said “I believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law.’

    Oops, there goes the revolution!


  4. The so-called American Revolution was hatched by the old money Whig families in England to preserved slavery in the American colonies when it was obvious that slavery was going to be banned in the Empire. Without cheap cotton the British industrial revolution would have been a non-starter. The goal was to create a unified foreign policy with the slave-based American colonies (later, states) but have the colonies tax themselves to cover the costs. The French tried to screw it up, but the Brits came back, and the good-cop bad-cop routine has played well for 200 years. But I do get bored with Brits complaining about being wagged by the US dog: Please, the US has been a cheap mercenary force for John Bull since the beginning.


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