Why I’m voting Tory

It’s an easy choice, really, so I won’t belabour the details.

The choice is between Gordon Brown and David Cameron, Labour and the Conservatives. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote only for meaningless, populist “change” so we can dismiss Clegg out of hand. (That said, I wouldn’t mind if the Liberals started to eat into Labour as the party of the left, but that’s not what’s at stake tomorrow.)

Listen to the Associated Press:

European economic forecasts show that Britain’s deficit this year will hit 12 percent, the highest in the European Union and four times what the EU considers acceptable in normal circumstances. In 2011 or 2012, total debt is expected to reach 88 percent of gross domestic product, overtaking the EU average.

For a party that inherited a healthy economy and so merrily rode the wave of the boom, this is a damning indictment of New Labour’s failures. Their profligacy has done nothing to help the poor, creating instead a bloated State and a black hole in this nation’s finances. We could also list other failures (Iraq, funding for Afghanistan, immigration) but this is the overwhelming problem facing our country so we can simply stop there.

Gordon Brown got us into this state and it is ludicrous that we should trust him to get us out of it. Labour is finished.

So, if for no other reason, vote Conservative to sack Brown.

But there are positive reasons to vote Tory too. Their idea for the Big Society represents a fresh and fair ideology and will do more for our communities than Labour’s failed tax and spend wastage. David Cameron — a principled, patriotic man — has the competence and energy to lead as Prime Minister, to bring us back from the economic brink, and to govern from a renewed, compassionate centre-right.

Vote Conservative.



  1. What do you reckon turn out is likely to be? Is there any more interest than usual this time around?


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