More Falklands: Boo to Obama/Clinton!

So, Mrs Clinton met Mrs Kirchner and offered US assistance to mediate between Britain and Argentina. Mediation implies there is something to mediate. There isn’t. The Falkland Islands are British, have been since 1833, and have cost British blood and treasure to defend. There is no legitmacy to Argentina’s rumblings and nothing to discuss.

The extent of American hypocrisy is truly galling. There are some other islands belonging to Britain about which the Obama White House has nothing to say. Perhaps Mrs Clinton would like the British government to sit down with the former residents of Diego Garcia, now living in squalor in Mauritius? Given that the US uses the atoll as a military base, housing B2s and refueling extraordinary renditions, this seems unlikely.

Diego Garcia is a stain on Britain and America; the Falklands aren’t. Given this irrefutable fact, the White House has no right weighing-in on anything flying a Union Jack.



  1. The same thing that made the US American in 1776: people and guns. As for the legitimacy of such possessions, see Nate’s comment on the other thread.


  2. Personally, I think I could do a perfect, unbiased, and objective job in resolving this dispute over the Malvinas Islands.


  3. “Nate’s comment on the other thread has no weight in the argument.”

    To make a legal intervention, this what is ipse dixit.


  4. I agree with you regarding the treatment of the people of Diego Garcia, although I have to confess that I like the idea of running the world from Guam and Diego Garcia. BTW, I tend find the arguments about American Empire tiresome, as if one has scored an important point by making the analogy. America is an Empire if by Empire one means an hegemonic power. The world on average is better for this, but like all hegemons, the United States at times abuses its power and engages in shameful acts. Dispossessing the people of Diego Garcia was such an act. Insuring that the U.S. Navy can project U.S. power into the Indian Ocean is not.


  5. UN? Who and What are they? A totally ineffective organisation that costs an inordinate amount of money that could be much better spent! There probably isn’t a member state who hasn’t ignored their resolutions in the past. Why? Because they are useless.


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