Glenn Beck and The Sun: masters in fake outrage

I’m not entirely sure why I do it — maybe it’s penance for cutting off my cat’s whiskers when I was 5 — but I spend some of my Wednesday evenings watching Fox News on satellite. This act of self-flagellation usually leads me to the Glenn  Beck show, the viewing of which I chalk-up to the need to conduct anthropological investigations of bizarre foreign cultures.

Anyway, I just watched Beck talk to a psychiatrist — A PSYCHIATRIST — about Obama’s initial response to the the Ft. Hood shootings. Apparently, he did not show enough emotion. (A PSYCHIATRIST!) I’m not sure what the point was. Maybe Obama is supposed to be insane. At the very least, he hates white people. Also, Americans must take the power back. And cry.

Cut to the UK and The Sun’s campaign of hatred against Gordon Brown for writing a letter to a dead soldier’s mother with a few spelling mistakes and poor handwriting. Never mind he wrote a hand-written letter — a perfectly reasonable and sensitive gesture. No! The scruffy writing in thick pen and the misspellings are proof that Brown is an oaf, a dimwit, and a heartless bastard AND MUST BE REMOVED.

(Brown is blind in one eye and has dodgy sight in the other. Hence thick pen and poor handwriting.)

Faux outrage brought to you by News Corp.



  1. Good. I assumed you are voting against Brown because (a) he’s Scottish; and, (b) Labour are all a bunch of football hooligans…


  2. President Obama is at a Tribal Nations Conference, the day that the shootings occurred. He begins his remarks by giving a “shout out” to a medal of honor winner (who did not even win one), and then three minutes into his small talk, he begins to share his thoughts about the Fort Hood shootings.

    I would have to agree that the initial reaction of the president to the tragedy was unpresidential. Why Brother Beck decided to have a psychiatrist on to analyze the situation, I don’t know. I don’t watch his show because I don’t have cable or satellite TV. But, there is too much rankor from both the left and the right in our political discourse.


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