Mary’s body should continue to rot in English soil

The Scottish independence movement bugs the hell out of me. On a political level it whiffs of anti-English scapegoating. More than that, though, it’s historically offensive. Scotland has been an engine of the United Kingdom since the UK’s inception and continues to be so. Witness the Scots in the British government, for example. Scottish independence from the UK would largely be independence from itself (thus, stupid).

So, Christine Grahame’s motion to the Scottish Parliament demanding that the body of Mary Queen of Scots be repatriated is preposterous, a cheap stunt that serves only to pound the drums of an irrational Scottish nationalism.

Let us remember that Mary was a woman who hoped for a return to papist totalitarianism, wanted the English throne for herself, and schemed with Spain to depose the English monarch. Let us remember, also, that her son, James, became the willing king of England. Mary was not a heroine of a bygone Scottish tragedy, but a scheming, fanatical wench whose legacy ought to be meaningless to (largely Protestant) Scotland’s 21st century nationalism.

One would think that the Scottish Parliament had more pressing issues to resolve.


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  1. I blame Mel Gibson. Had it not been for Braveheart, the Scottish independence movement wouldn’t have been built up as much as it has.


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