Jörg Haider is dead

Haider, the politician who did more to raise awareness of Austrian politics in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s than any of his contemporaries, died this morning after drifting off the road on the way home to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday. He will be missed. 

Update: Apparently Haider was doing 142km/h when he crashed; the speed limit on that particular stretch is 70. 



  1. Who, Ronan? If you mean him, there are plenty in Haider’s home state of Carinthia that believe in a conspiracy theory, citing his lack of understanding for the local Slovenian minority, for example, and the fact that his VW Phaeton is supposedly one of the safest cars around as well as the fact that the place where he died is a long, straight stretch of road under dry conditions.


  2. In order to say he was murdered, you have to have more than “motive.:

    You have to have evidence.

    Here, there is no evidence, but because there is “motive” for murder, there is need for investigaiton.
    The facts concerning the happening of the occurrence requires investigaiton by more than the Austrian police, and if evidence is found, it needs to be turned over to Austrian police with demands that the findings be investigated and confirmed.


  3. Thanks for the introduction to CSI 101, anastasia. You will note, however, the reference to “conspiracy theories.” Haider wasn’t murdered–he was speeding. Still, there are those (not me) that can’t accept the obvious and go looking for scheming third parties.


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