Lunch at Finsbury Circus

On clear days, if I can get away from the office for a few minutes around lunchtime, I usually walk ten minutes from my office to Finsbury Circus for a bite of lunch on one of the many benches or ledges surrounding the green to enjoy the sun and surroundings.

Today is one of those days. Since the sun is out and the sky clear and blue, I spent the few minutes I could spare for lunch at Finsbury Circus. Although quite small compared to other notable public parks in London (though certainly not the smallest patch of circus greenery in town), it is a very orderly and calming oasis in the middle of the frantic, tight, and twisted streets and alleyways of the City — and also claims the distinction of being one of the oldest public parks in London, dating to 1606. Surrounded by old buildings (e.g. Salisbury House, also hailing from the seventeenth century), the park consists of a bowling green with an adjacent bandstand and small bar, some grass around the edges for sitting, all encircled about by a ring of mature trees offering shade on bright days and shelter from the bustle of the city.

A quick Google search reveals that the old buildings encircling this city oasis are inhabited to a large extent by Japanese banking institutions, which is a curious discovery since I have come to know that if you want to hear German being spoken in London, you need to head to Finsbury Circus at lunchtime.



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