We call it “Stones Beach”

I have been holidaying on the same stretch of the Welsh coast for 32 years. The brimming pleasure of first catching a glimpse of the Irish Sea after a long drive west has changed little since those days packed in the back of dad’s car. Now my kids explore the same coves and chase the same waves. We have a list of favourite beaches, all with their own family names; this one is “Stones Beach.” We even remember the rocks and pools — “Naked Pool” evokes a particularly happy geo-memory. “Stones Beach” is actually called “The Point” and lies next to Little Haven in Pembrokeshire. It wasn’t swimming weather — although we have been known to brave winter seas, as nature intended swimming to be done even* — but we clambered over rocks, skimmed stones, and burned driftwood with sweet abandon.

*Think the cover of Nevermind.



  1. I don’t know if other families have their own names for things. We name parks/playgrounds.

    In the US there was JW Park (it was next to a Kingdom Hall), Sick Park (J puked there once), Two Slides Park, Obi Wan Park (there was an Attack of the Clones style death slide), and Frog Park (plastic green frog thing).

    Vienna had a similar array.

    In Malvern we only have Grandpa Park, and what I like to call Glue Sniffers’ Park.


  2. Thanks for this, Ronan. I just returned from taking my little ones on our annual visit to Yosemite in California, where I have been going for 32 years. They now scramble on the same rocks and splash in the same streams, the contours of which are burned in my own childhood memories. We’re a little less creative with names, though, for us its simply “The Bridge,” “The Meadow,” “The Islands,” “The Goblin Forest,” etc.


  3. My favourite self-named location isPerspiration Bay, as you sweat like a good ‘un by the time you’ve walked 3 miles and scrambled down the rock face to it, and then the same on the way back to the car.


  4. Vince,
    I’m reckoning the north end of Pembs, above Fishguard somewhere. (I rarely cross the Landsker.)

    Yosemite is a mighty fine place.


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