Fashion Police Report

Normally I’m not one to take a position on other people’s wardrobe decisions–heaven knows I’ve yet to be recognized for my own fashion sense–but over the past few months a trend has swept Vienna that simply cannot be overlooked, for it involves neon trucker hats perched precariously on top of the heads of the city’s youth. I first noticed the phenomenon last fall and it has become so pervasive that one cannot complete one’s daily commute without seeing at least a few bobbing neon heads somewhere in the crowds. So yesterday afternoon, armed the tools of the documentarian’s trade, I went for a stroll down Vienna’s famous Mariahilfer Straße, where the proletariat go to shop. 

Pics after the jump.








So what’s the deal? Are waves of neon hat-wearing youth sweeping across your city, or is it a Viennese fad only?



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