Mastering the Wrong Game

Not too long ago, Bill Clinton was regarded as the most skillful political operator alive.  Yet his attempts to label Senator Barack Obama as the Black candidate woefully backfired.  Bill Clinton may be the best tackler of the league.  But while the Clintons were trying to play football, Barack Obama was figure skating.  Technically perfect, the Clinton appeared silly on the ice wearing cleats instead of skates. 
Attempting to pit first Jews, then Latinos and finally Whites against Blacks, the Clintons have underestimated how desperately voters want to be Americans once more.  The price has already been steep.  Had Hillary cracked thirty percent in South Carolina then she would have earned an additional delegate per congressional district.  Not only did Hillary Clinton loose by a wider margin than necessary in South Carolina but the endorsement of Ted Kennedy located Barack Obama dead center in the American dream rather than the ghetto. 
Even when Barack Obama lost in New Hampshire and Nevada, he has demonstrated four times that his campaign can close a twenty point gap within short order.  After eight years of fear, the American people are hungering for hope.  In such a climate, dividers are at a disadvantage and an American candidate will prevail.  The only question is if Barack Obama can get his message out fast enough.



  1. The Billary consortium has really left a bad taste in my mouth. Once Bill started firing off his attacks, I was worried that if Hillary loses the nomination, he’ll look like a fool coming back to endorse Obama with his tail between his legs, and it looks like things might be shaping up that way. I’m also a bit perturbed at the idea that nearly the last quarter century would have gone to two elite political families. Time for something different.

    Regardless, once Paul is out (probably this coming week), I’m behind Obama 100%.


  2. It’s hard to say. I think that while popular opinion has portrayed this as a Clinton miss that it may turn out to be what gives Clinton the win on tuesday – cynic that I am. However I also think it will really tear the party apart somewhat.


  3. I agree, Clark. It was a clever move to identify Barack Obama with Jesse Jackson. I expect that Clinton will pull a little ahead tomorrow. Given that Barack Obama was down twenty points in the biggest states only four weeks ago, a narrow loss will be a triumph for his campaign.

    Presumably, the delegate margins in NY, CT, NJ and CA will be too narrow for Clinton. By February 12th, Barack Obama will have almost caught up again with her.

    When Teddy Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama last Monday, the Clinton designed ghetto collapsed and Bill took a major hit among liberals who had previously supported him even during his impeachment.


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