Republican Flip-flops

The media and supporters of the political opponents of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have labeled Romney a flip-flopper because he said he was pro-choice and committed to gay rights in 1994 while running against Ted Kennedy for the Senate and now says he is pro-life and has opposed same-sex marriage.

The label has stuck to Romney and done the damage it was intended to do, so there is no need to defend it here.

Inspired by the political poster shown below that recently appeared on Politico, this post instead invites insights into the documented flip-flops of the other Republican hopefuls in this election season.



  1. Iraq is a tough one – almost the entire political spectrum was inebriated with vengeance, both left and right, due to post-9/11 fearmongering. I can see how a guy lke McCain, a war vet and former POW, would want to stick to his guns (pun intended) and join the “go get them before they strike again” bandwagon. So I don’t blame him too much for it, even though it is absolute flip-flopping. (Yes, I just defended a social conservative).

    On other topics, like the ones you mentioned above, flip-flopping among politicians is generally less excusable. It doesn’t seem like people get caught up in “the heat of the moment” over things like abortion, for example. He’s not the only one who was duped into thinking Iraq would be a great idea or a successful endeavor. Many lefties were too.

    I feel for the guy, even though I can’t even remotely get behind him.


  2. Given the administration’s penchant for moving the goal posts as it goes, McCain might weasle out of the flip-flop by saying something like, “Back then I was narrowly focused on ousting Saddam; following the quick realization of that worthy goal, I came to realize that we could do more, that we could to bring peace and stability to the people of Iraq. And that will take time.”


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