Austria vs. England

This Friday at 9pm CET (Coordinated Universal Time +1) England faces off against Austria in Vienna in a friendly just days before their final UEFA European Football Championship qualifier against Croatia back at Wembley on the 21st.

Apparently in a bid to save the good guys for the game against Croatia, Coach McClaren is sending his B Team to Austria.

With Owen Hargreaves and Wayne Rooney out and only 4,600 English fans expected in (and bringing their own police escort), could Austria have a chance at redeeming its dismal record?

What’s your pick?



  1. English football is in a dismal state. Unless the Israelis can hold Russia to a draw, England cannot qualify for next summer’s Euro 2008 in Austria/Switzerland, and I will not be sleeping in your vertiginous Ikea bunk bed in between bouts of shouting at the big screen on Donauinsel. This would be a disaster.

    As for the friendly, well, go Austria, I s’pose.

    (Peter, how’s Vienna, man? Oh, Wien, Wien, nur du allein.)


  2. Ronan,

    Wien is cold, and snowy for a change. 10-20cm expected overnight and -2 by tomorrow’s gametime (with windchill around -13)! It should be good for Austria’s team, however–they won’t be able to stand around watching the ball like they usually do without freezing, so I hope to see some movement.


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