Let’s face it, flying sucks

My sister just spent 24 hours with her two children in Edinburgh airport. She could have told me she had gone bald overnight and I would have had less sympathy for her. Dense fog in Britain has wreaked chaos for fliers. Americans are suffering similar misery. In the UK it seems to me that fog is only half to blame; the sheer volume of air traffic that clogs our skies means that any bad weather (heaven help us if it snows) takes down the whole system. Inter-city high-speed rail routes would take some of the pressure off internal flights. Also, can the Brits just learn to live without their cheap holidays to Spain? Embrace the regenerative darkness of winter, and in summer explore the Cairngorms or Pembrokeshire rather than Kos and Majorca.

Americans can’t live without flying, it seems. I realise Amtraking from New York to LA is a bit extreme, but some of the shorter routes would be served well by rail. It’s crazy that in Baltimore I could fly to Chicago for less money than taking the train to Philadelphia.



  1. And what really gets on my wick: in the UK, air fares and petrol are clobbered with the highest taxes in the history of the world, and still our trains and buses are rubbish and expensive. Please come to Austria and see how public transport should run. I would never feel the need to take a plane here, even to Innsbruck.


  2. Don’t forget the added “security measures” at airports, checking your shoes, making sure your liquid containers don’t have any explosives….blah blah blah. Yeah, the fun of traveling by plane has gone the way of the dodo bird.

    Oh, and I totally agree about train travel through continental Europe. What a dream!


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