In Washington, there’s only one “Special Relationship”

For all his loyalty, Blair means nothing to Bush: “In April 2004 Blair made yet another visit to America. But this time he was preceded to the White House by Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, who cut a deal with George Bush…what Sharon wanted as a sweetener for his own followers when he withdrew from Gaza – a public American statement that in any final settlement there would be no going back to the 1967 borders – was a complete repudiation of existing British policy, which Blair could only swallow meekly. For all the “special relationship,” not to mention British troops in Basra, an American president, faced with a straight conflict between a British and an Israeli leader, had no hesitation in choosing the Israeli” (IHT).



  1. Blair has become Bush’s fool, a well spoken fool but nonetheless a fool. Vanquishing the Tory lock on parliament, Blair has squandered his legacy when he hitched his cart to the cheerleader’s.


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