There’s an art exhibition going on in Vienna right now called “Americans.” It’s basically a bunch of informal portraits of Americans looking like “Americans.”

Could this girl look more “American”? I don’t exactly know what it is. The dungarees certainly. The freckles possibly. The “don’t mess with Texas” attitude, for sure.

“View image” to get a closer look.


  1. I don’t know Ronan. I can definitely see some typical American-ness in her, but she could just as well be Australian or Scottish, or whatever. Perhaps the way she is dressed and the hairstyle do the most for making her look American.

    Interesting exhibit though.


  2. Ronan, given the population trends, the representative”American” girl/woman (can’t tell how old the person in the photo is) will be of Hispanic origin in a few years.

    People occasionally tell me I look very “English”, even though I’m only a half breed. I never know what to say to that – hopefully, “English” means more like Elizabeth Hurley rather than Elizabeth II. 🙂


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