Mitt Romney on Ideal Trajectory

The Fix, a blog of the Washington Post, reports that only Mitt Romney is building an organization in Iowa that matches John McCain’s.

In a caucus state like Iowa, organization is key.

Romney is in the perfect position. Not only is he a frontrunner but McCain is his ideal opponent. Romney’s biggest liability is that radical protestants might reject him because he is Mormon. Radical protestants happen to be the best organized constituency in Republican primaries.

However, John McCain’s campaign finance reform efforts are threatening the operations of Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and their allies. Dobson is already cooperating with Mormon activists on issues such as gay marriage and Robertson has made it clear that he will not vote for McCain under any circumstances. If it is a choice of John McCain and Mitt Romney then Robertson and Dobson will hold their noses and get behind Romney.

If he remains the alternative to John McCain then Mitt Romney will enjoy the support of the Christian Right.

You heard it here first.



  1. It would be highly ironic if Robertson, one of the principle authors of the “Mormons aren’t Christian” movement (ostensibly to stem the loss of parishioners from Evangelical units to LDS units) actually voted for a Latter-day Saint president.


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