European media bias, or, how Europe brings balance to the Force

Last night was 9/11 night on ORF1, the main Austrian TV channel. There were interviews with Austrian New Yorkers, reports on the War on Terror, and a few moments of somber editorializing from the main anchor.

It went like this: the anchor kept telling us that the War on Terror was “going badly,” something I expect talking heads to opine about, but not the host of a news show; a piece on 9/11 conspiracy theories ended by saying, “whatever really happened on 9/11, this much we can know for sure…,” as if the possibility that the US brought down the WTC was actually of equal plausibility with the notion that maybe Arab terrorists really were responsible.

The evening then ended with a documentary: Fahrenheit 9/11.

9/11 has become a European opportunity to show how George Bush is a monkey.


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