Obsession: what the War on Terror is really about

Everyone who wants to have an informed opinion on radical Islamic fundamentalism and how it drives (and has been driving) global terror should watch this movie. Incredibly well made.



  1. I watched it. Scary video, particularly the indocrination of children and bizarre anti-Semitism. It was a bit wishy-washy in its suggested solutions. “Support moderate Islam.” How?


  2. Yeah, fair enough. I think it’s a documentary in the true sense–it documents a phenomenon and provides overwhelming primary sources to document it’s main thesis which is that militant Islam is a sick ideology bent on a lot more than solutions to some political problems.


  3. Thanks for the link Stuart. For those of us watching Memri and reading Foreign Affairs, not to mention the international press, this material is nothing new. I am frustrated, though, that this material is either new or intentionally ignored by so many. I am curious why it seems preferrable to some to blame America or U.S. foreign policy, or culture, or lack thereof, for this vitriolic islamicist ideology. Mini-Eichmanns are all that died on 9/11 and all that. It is America’s fault, of course, that any Muslim anywhere wants to erase Israel from the map and destroy America and the West.


  4. Yeah, classic moment on CNN a few days back. Anderson Cooper is talking to one of his correspondents who tells him that he has found it “shocking” that Hezbollah are not only pushing a political agenda but are openly anti-semitic!

    How is it possible to exist at the center of the information universe and be surprised in the slightest that Hezbollah is openly, rabidly anti-semitic?


  5. And, BTW, MEMRI is a phenomenal resource. I met one of the guys that launched it a few years back and he commented (accurately) that militant Islam doesn’t require much outside interpretation when it comes to its motivations and intentions because they say it all pretty explicitly themselves.

    I especially like the one I saw about when it’s OK to beat your wife and what tools can be used to discipline her.


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