ForaTv – Just About The Coolest Thing Any News Junkie Has Ever Seen

ForaTv is an online provider of video lectures from pundits, academics and politicians. Think C-Span, only much, much cooler. Right now I’m lying in bed with my laptop watching a forum hosted by the Arab-American Institute. I’m more than just watching it though; I’m watching it via the coolest video box I’ve ever seen, full of widgets, links, biographies, fora, etc. You can even download video to PSP. Behold!



  1. Let me second Ronan’s assertion of ForaTv coolness with the caveat that I have an interest in the company. The content pool is beginning to grow and as Fora ramps up to commercial launch (it’s currently in Beta) it will only get better.

    We do believe–perhaps not all that modestly–that this is the future of global discourse in the digital age.


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