Arab World’s Beautiful Daughters

As we were debating anti-Americanism and the London demonstrations yesterday, British MP George Galloway, the one who evidence shows violated UN Sanctions to trade with Saddam’s regime in Iraq, was appearing on Al-Jazeera with his own interesting views of what “reality” is. A transcript of Galloway’s inflammatory and bizarre Al-Jazeera interview can be found at this link to Memri TV (you can also view the Al-Jazeera interview at Memri by going to the front page and clicking on the clip if you wish).

Galloway asserts to the Arab world in this interview that

Two of the Arab world’s beautiful daughters, Jerusalem and Baghdad, are in the hands of these foreigners, these occupiers, and nothing can be done by the Arab rulers, because they are in bed, fornicating with the foreigners, who are occupying and using these beautiful Arab daughters as they will.

He himself a “foreigner,” Galloway claims that Jerusalem is a daughter of the Arab world. Thus, the presence of Jews in Jerusalem is “occupation.” One wonders whether Galloway has ever read the Old Testament (doubtful). Galloway also does not seem to realize that Islamicist terrorists have no love for a non-Sunni-Muslim British MP, even if he is making statements that support their war against the West. Galloway needs to learn that Sunni Islamicist terrorists do not even consider the Shia to be Muslims, much less British MPs with a secularist/socialist political agenda; similarly, Shiite Islamicist terrorists do not consider non-Muslims allies regardless of the words they say.

One wonders what objection, if any, Galloway could possibly really have to fornication? One also wonders why Galloway urges, in this interview, Arab princes to buy American and British newspapers. Does Galloway think that if Arab princes own Western media outlets that people in the democracies of the West will suddenly look with approval on the Islamicist terrorists’ tactics of targeting civilians with suicide bombers and Iranian-made rockets, on the beheading of unarmed hostages for viewing on Al-Jazeera? Apparently so.



  1. I think we should give Jerusalem back to the Canaanites.

    The man even speaks terror-speak:

    “I glorify the Hizbollah national resistance movement, and I glorify the leader of Hizbollah, Sheikh Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.”

    That’s a recent gem of his from the Socialist Worker. I think we should dust-off the Tower of London.


  2. As for the first suggestion…what happened to the Jebusites anyway…? Where are they now? There’s a city waiting for them.

    I don’t know whether you know this, but Galloway was on the UK Big Brother show. Complete plonker. He’s a sideshow act, that’s all.


  3. With regard to the first suggestion, my point was mostly that it is a stretch for Galloway to claim that Jews are “foreigners” in Jerusalem or that Jerusalem is a daughter of the Arab world. That claim might work for Baghdad or Riyad, but Jerusalem?


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