Why the US soccer team lost

3-0 is a drubbing. No getting over it. And this from a team that is supposed to be ranked number 5 in the world.

But Team USA’s woes are easily remedied: get W to keep his nose out. Whatever the opposite of the Midas touch is, Mr. Heckavajobbrownie’s got it. Bush called the US team today before their game vs. the Czech Republic. This was the sporting equivalent of his famous call to Rumsfeld before the Iraq War, “I love yer plan Rummy. Them Iraqi’s’ll luv it too.”

Jinxed. Poor Yanks. Good luck against Italy. My advice? Unplug the phone.



  1. I’ve been rooting for England as well, what with being an Arsenal fan (insert crack about how I should actually be rooting for France). It looks pretty straightforward for the Englishmen at this stage, despite a lackluster showing on Saturday. I haven’t lost hope for the States, but I think it’ll take six points to get out in their condition. Four would almost certainly put them behind the eight ball given the goal differential, unless the Czechs lose twice and the win is over Ghana. I suppose we could also draw with Ghana, beat Italy, and see the Czechs win their last two to close out the group and send the States through on four. I think it will take six to be sure and it’s a tall order, given how competitive Ghana looked today. I wouldn’t be surprised if the USA starts Eddie Johnson in place of McBride or Convey (who was abysmal).


  2. Ronan, I think you’ve got this one wrong. Nothing to do with Bush, rather it’s because a 5th place Fifa ranking means nothing when you are racking up your points against the likes of Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago. Playing European teams in Europe was always going to expose the US as an average team. I think they’re done, but they should do better in S. Africa in 4 years when there superior fitness will play a role as it did 4 years ago.


  3. Harsh, Ronan. I don’t know what happened. Maybe Czech are better than we thought (note: I use the English plural, rather than the US singular!) the rankings are a joke only because we rack up wins against Guatemala and Cuba, while better European squads duke it out against other quality Euro squads. God help us against Italy!


  4. On the basis of Argentina’s performance this morning the rest of us may as well go home now! If you didn’t see it you really ought to see their second goal, you’ll wait a long time to see a goal that good.


  5. Here’s a good article about how american fans feel about the team.< HREF="http://the-buzz-spot.blogspot.com/2006/06/us-soccer-team-faces-elimination.html" REL="nofollow"> US SOCCER TEAM<>Pretty Good


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