Bashar Al-Assad on Charlie Rose

If Charlie Rose were British he’d be Sir Charlie. This guy is a national treasure and his show on PBS is one of four must-watch current affairs programmes for me (along with Bill Maher, Fareed Zakaria’s Foreign Exchange, and the Daily Show). His recent hour-long interview with Bashar Al-Assad is excellent. Ever since I went to Syria in 1999 I have been fascinated with the Assad’s. Bashar’s remarkably mild manner is disarming; imagine what you will about his regime, but this guy is very savvy and obfuscates in such a gentle manner that you want to squeeze his cheeks.



  1. That was a fascinating interview. Charlie Rose did a superb job. And so did Assad. No doubt Assad is a sophisticated smart individual and presented himself skilfully to the American audience. I suspect that he would project another image if he were talking to a Syrian audience.The nature of Assad’s agenda emerged when he could not bring himself to acknowledge the reality of the Holocaust. One needs to interprete his performance in light of these remarks.


  2. Yep, that part was painful. If I can get into Assad’s head, I think the problem is this: he does not want to admit to the scale of the Holocaust because he feels that it has been used to justify the state of Israel and its attendant (in his mind) injustices. Not saying that he’s right, but I think that that’s what’s going on with Arab Holocaust skepticism.


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