Bush plays cricket, Imran stays home

I think this could be the start of something special.

This, however, is not cool:

“Pakistan’s most famous-ever cricketer, former captain-turned-politician Imran Khan, spent Saturday confined to his home where authorities detained him to thwart his plan to lead a march to protest against Bush’s visit.”

Freedom and democracy? Er, no. (For cricket virgins: Khan is HUGE, Pakistani cricket’s Babe Ruth, Pele and Muhammed Ali rolled into one.)



  1. What is he a poof or something, Bush playing with a tennis ball and without bails on the stumps? Try having a leather ball stitched around a cork centre flying at you at 100km/h and you will know fear. Most powerful man in the world??, I think not.


  2. He’s holding the bat right though. Credit where credit is due. (I’m still in shock that Imran Khan was placed under house arrest. That is just apalling.)


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