Beyond Metric

Britain tried to go metric 40 years ago. We have only been partially successful. You buy your petrol in liters but drive in miles. Weather forecasters use celsius for temperature but give wind speed in miles per hour. I weigh 13 stone. The Irish painlessly ditched this silliness a few years ago. Now the UK Metric Association wants us to do the same. Apparently it just makes us look weird.

Hogwash. Mushy peas and brown sauce already make us look weird. And besides, the lack of a standard just shows the ability of the British to understand nuance. The world should be envious.


  1. About Bloody Time…. I think in the global community (like it or not) we live in there needs to be compatibility and standards across the board.If the globalisation argument that all boats rise together is in fact true, then we can’t have some raising one inch and others one cm.I was amused that on a driving trip down in southern Arizona, when all of a sudden the highway signs changed and began measuring distance in kilometres. I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks.


  2. Should Aussies drive on the left then?!Oh, and Britain likes being an old dog: hereditary monarch, unelected House of Lords, Sirs and Dames. Mixed metric/imperial is all an attempt to confuse foreigners: they buy their beers in the pub in pints but buy duty-free Scottish whisky in liters! Long may it continue!!


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