Soccer Surprise!

I was going to post about news regarding the world’s richest soccer clubs. The winners are:

1 Real Madrid £186.2m
2 Man Utd £166.4m
3 AC Milan £158m
4 Juventus £154.9m
5 Chelsea £149.1m
6 Barcelona £140.4m
7 Bayern Munich £128m
8 Liverpool £122.4m
9 Inter Milan £119.7m
10 Arsenal £115.7m
11 Roma £89m
12 Newcastle £87.1m
13 Spurs £70.6m
14 Schalke £65.8m
15 Lyon £62.7m
16 Celtic £62.6m
17 Man City £60.9m
18 Everton £60m
19 Valencia £57.2m
20 Lazio £56.1m

No more complaining, Ronan– your boys are among the richest in the world!

Of course, then I saw this headline– “Capello offered England job, according to reports”– and figured I should talk about that, too.

I don’t know enough about the sport to say how much a coach matters in soccer as compared to, say, American football or basketball. But I do know that Capello’s got the midas touch in Italy. Just look at his jobs since 1990:

1990-96 Milan
1996-97 Real Madrid
1997-98 Milan
1999-04 Roma
2004-present Juventus

I won’t bother to count all the cups he’s won, but it’s a lot.

Sure, it’s easy to win with guys like del Pierro, Totti, Nedved, and so on. But perhaps with guys like Beckham, Rooney, and company, he can win in England, too.