A New Labour Dynasty–what rubbish!

If there is any truth to this (that Gordon Brown* and Tony Blair have agreed to run the UK under a “dual premiership”) then:

a) they can both go to the Tower right now for treason. Your Majesty!
b) my vote for David Cameron’s Tories (Fareed Zakaria’s man to watch — and you know Fareed is always right) has now been sealed.

There’s nothing wrong with a Parliamentary democracy — you vote for the Party, and its leader becomes PM — but this wheeling and dealing between Blair and Brown stinks of monarchical dynasty-building, a wiff that I can smell all the way over here in Maryland. There must be a contest for Labour leader. Sure, Gordon will win, but still…that’s what democracies do. But it matters not: if Brown cannot hold a Labour seat in Scotland, then the New Labour era is officially drawing to a close.

(I see Alan Greenspan is going to advise Brown on UK monetary policy. Forbes has 7 tips he might give him.)

*Gordon Brown is the dour Scot and old socialist who is Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister). He is also Tony Blair’s heir apparent and has been waiting a long time to fill Tony’s shoes as Labour leader (which would currently also make him Prime Minister.)