The Turks hate you too

To the extent they are even aware of it, most Americans seem to be pretty unfazed by the fact that half the world hates them. Perhaps it’s because as long as you are big, strong, and have all the cool toys you don’t care whether the other kids hate you. Still, if I were an American I’d be pretty depressed about a horribly anti-American film coming out of Turkey. In Valley of the Wolves: Iraq, American soldiers are shown gunning down children and dragging innocent people to Abu Ghraib where a Jewish-American doctor cuts out their organs and sells them to people in America and Israel.

I like Turkey. Beautiful country, great food, wonderful beaches, etc. etc., and have always admired its easy-going East-West flavour. But in a 2005 survey, 70% of Turks associated Americans with the word “violent”; 68% with “greedy”; and 57% with “immoral.” My favourite quote about the film was from a Turkish model who said, “There isn’t going to be a war over this. Everyone knows that Americans have a good side.”

How kind of her! Anyway, lame film, worrying attitudes. Oh, and it stars Billy Zane, clearly out for revenge after Rose dumped him for Jack.



  1. It has become apparent since moving here, that the vast majority of ‘average’ Americans seem truly unfazed by the anti-americanism flooding the world today. It seems from my interactions with those around me that people are living in a bubble. Today someone tried to tell me that the World series baseball was infact not falsely named, but just the world’s best which anyone could qualify. Yeah right… By building a separate world in American, it doesn’t matter what other countries think.


  2. Kent, I just think that Americans, operating from a perceived position of superiority, are trying to give off a certain <>noblesse oblige<>. If we respond to the ignoramuses, it only encourages them.


  3. The film is bad, but not as bad as the English reviews would indicate – the soldiers are presented as rogue soldiers who actually kill one of their own when he threatens to inform superiors about their atrocities (or so I’ve heard).Also, surveys that have Turks accociating Americans with undesirable words should really be taken with a grain of salt. I mean, we probably scored hirer than “Turk” or “French” would have in America.As a U.S. diplomot in Turkey said in regard to a best selling book about a fictional U.S. – Turkey War, “The Turks strongly disagree with us on Iraq, and are quite willing to sit down and discuss these differences ofver cay.” (or something to that effect)


  4. John, you bring up an issue I have hashed out with my American wife. If America pulled out of the rest of the world and left everyone to their own devices(Heaven forbid!!), would it help or hinder American stereotypes around the world. Further, If Big Brother felt less of an obligation you speak of; to publicly spy on its own residents would we be any safer living in this country?Truly, I do not know the answers, but something inside whispers …Probably Yes


  5. kent, very insightful, man. I’ve thought about that too myself. It makes it tough for a guy like me, who wants to pull the plug on Iraq, because of what the infrastructure there would do upon American dismissal.Didn’t know the Turks hated Americans. Thanks for the post.


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