In Utah, British flags burn

Further fallout for headlife‘s posting of this cartoon of the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith digging for the Gold Plates:

Infuriated at this blasphemy, angry Mormons have protested outside the British consulate in Salt Lake City, demanding that the British government distance itself from this blog. Some protesters burned the British flag and copies of the Harry Potter books.

Supermarkets across Utah have removed McVities’ Hob Nobs from their shelves.

“We will not allow our Prophet to be insulted in this way,” said one protester.



  1. Cynics point out that Smith himself once ordered the destruction of an inflammatory printing press. But in <>1844<>. That’s soooooo 19th century.


  2. Great irony! I hadn’t thought of the South Park cartoon in the context of the Mohammed cartoon situation flaring up right now. But it says something positive about Latter-day Saints that we are only sad when other people ridicule us and do not call for worldwide imposition of Sharia to take away people’s rights.


  3. Take < HREF="" REL="nofollow">a look at this picture<>: if you are a Christian, does it offend you? A little? Maybe. Does Kanye West have the right to pose as Jesus, though? Absolutely.We have a serious problem, though folks. I mean, if I was the British Foreign Secretary, I would condemn the Muhammed cartoons too. Why? Because I’m scared sh*tless of Muslim fanatics who will use this to kill people. We are being held hostage, and I don’t know what to do other than capitulate.


  4. Excellent! It’s amazing how often our faith is maligned in the media and how we’ve managed to maintain our composure enough to not call for the death of all non-LDS people. We’re so good. 😀


  5. They actually showed this cartoon at a Stake priesthood meeting out here to prove some point. I forget what the point was, but I remember the cartoon.


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