Can we agree on this?

When a civilian leader feels a need to dress up in military uniforms and have members of the military present for all of his speaking engagements, isn’t that a bad sign?



  1. That was rhetoric. W isn’t analogous to Castro, et al. as far as I can tell. They just all share a disturbing fascination with the trappings of the military (but nothing more; Bush doesn’t equate with Hitler).


  2. Has W been playing army-man? (Apart from the Mission Accomplished cod-piece and flight suit, I don’t remember seeing anything. Anyway, W is Commander in Chief, right? He is the military.)


  3. No, I was thinking of the “Mission Accomplished” fiasco and his tendancy to always have a military presence when he speaks (as he did yesterday at Kansas State).The thing about the Commander-in-Chief is that, by design, he cannot be military. He must be a civilian. This is why I find the trend disturbing.


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