Now they do it!

I read my hometown newspaper from time to time, just to know what’s going on. Mostly, the news it pretty dull. However, one of the articles appearing today read

Payne County residents interested in learning about Oklahoma weather are encouraged to attend the second annual Storm Spotter Training Class.

The class is being hosted by the Stillwater Emergency Coordination and Communications Center and will feature information regarding seasonal weather and safety precautions to ensure resident’s safety.

The class is free.

Rick Smith of the Norman National Weather Service Office will be presenting the training class Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. at the Payne County Expo Center.

How cool is that? In the tradition of my father, I’ve always been interested in weather– particularly Oklahoma’s notorious spring-summer storms (cf. this film)– and I would have loved to have taken this class. Of course, now I live in another time zone, so no class for me. Alas…


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