How to win hearts and minds…

Kill 18 people* in a sovereign country, one that is supposed to be your ally, and one that already has a propensity for churning out people who think America Hates Muslims. When the dust settles on this, and if the facts stand as they are now being reported, I will be astounded at the utter idiocy of such an action, both the philosophy behind it and its execution.

*Some bad guys, some children, some innocents, but not the guy you were aiming for.



  1. Lancer you often seem to want to parody positions that don’t exist (or at least don’t exist anywhere near anyone that I encounter). Is there anyone out there who dismisses tragedies of this nature by pointing at the liberal media? That asked, the mainstream news media IS liberal as rather conclusively demonstrated in the UCLA/Mizzou study cited by Ronan a month or so ago. All I have from you, Ryan Aiken and Brian Gruber are unsupported suggestions that you’re not sure you dig their methodology. At least they HAVE a methodology. It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t determined to ignore it that in a profession where 80% of the people involved describe themselves as “liberals” that overwhelming percentage is going to impact their newsmanship. Any good postmodernist knows that total objectivity can’t be reached, and any balanced observer of American and world media knows that they aren’t reaching it.


  2. I have a question. Is it possible to conduct a innocent-safe war against a fugitive adversary that deliberately shelters among civilians?I’d love it if it were. But it’s entirely possible that there WAS sound intelligence suggesting that AZ would be there as expected. And that then AZ got stuck in a goat traffic jam and wasn’t there.I’m just saying, I don’t know that it’s possible to fight a nice clean war against this kind of adversary w/o missing occasionally. And until I know more of the context I think I’ll hold off on drawing conclusions.


  3. Tony,War is a mess. True. But it’s the fact that this village is in Pakistan that is the real shocker. You cannot go firing missiles in sovereign nations in which you have no mandate to wage war. It is possible, though, that this action did happen with the Pakistan governments approval, but that they simply cannot be seen to admit to it.


  4. Truth, because my sarcasm wasn’t clear for you: last time there were riots in Pakistan, it was over reports that the US was doing bad things to the Koran. To this, various Bush apologists blamed it on the media– that is, because the media reported this, is was their fault. That was the reference.Next– why is casting doubt on methodology a bad thing? And your best reply is “at least they HAVE” one? What’s next? “I know you are but what am I”? I’m going to do a study that shows that Republicans don’t know how to do fix cars. My study will be based on my brother, who is a Republican and can’t fix a car. And since I have a methodolody, that trumps any critique you might have (at least I HAVE a methodology), so we must all now conclude that Republicans can’t fix cars.But at least you read Ronan’s post before commenting on it! That’s a step up!


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