Terrifying news from Saudi Arabia

The WSJ Opinion Journal reports that “Osama bin Laden has obtained a religious edict from a misguided Saudi cleric, justifying the use of nuclear weapons against America and the infliction of mass casualties.”

Tell me: why, oh why is Saudi Wahhabism not the central front of the War on Terror (TM)?



  1. scary stuff.by the way, are we to infer from your use of (TM) after “War on Terror” that you belong to those who believe there is no such thing?


  2. Oh no, there is a war that needs to be waged against terrorists, but I resent the pre-packaged, bombastic, video-game noise that surrounds many of our current efforts. The War on Terror (TM) is, at times, a painfully X-Boxian endeavour; the writer of the article I linked to offers another, less dramatic “war on terror” that would do a lot to confront the kind of Wahhabist evil that infects Islam


  3. I was impressed that the writer of that article was formerly the President of Indonesia.But on the substance, it is not wholly alien to the line that the Bush Administration is taking. In fact, at one point the article echoes exactly what Rumsfeld has recently been arguing–that the goal of Al Qaeda is a new caliphate stretching from Indonesia to Morroco. An NPR commentator mocked this view this morning on Morning Edition, blasting Rumsfeld for being so crass as to denigrate the glory days of Islam by implying that a new caliphate could possibly be something that should be despised by the West and that if it were ever achieved, to imply that it could possibly be an instrument of Al Qaeda (sort of saying that it is an insult to the Muslim world to imply that if they set up a new caliphate, they would allow Al-Qaeda types to run it). Ironically, in light of this criticism of Rumsfeld’s new concern, the former President of Indonesia says the same thing as Rumsfeld.


  4. The goal of Al Qaeda is indeed to create a new caliphate stretching from Indonesia to Morocco. Rumsfeld is right to notice this. You see, I’m not always partisan!I would politely suggest, however, that in the grand sweep of geography from Indonesia to Morocco, Iraq is but a blip. I understand that the Administration believes that Iraq can have a domino effect for good in the Muslim world. I do hope so, and I wish them well.


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