Munich Review

The Free West has posted a negative, but non-professional, review of Steven Spielberg’s Munich.

From the review:

It is almost like a computer game, the characters are approximations, they speak an artificial language of a liberal versus hard liner, repeating all known banalities. The master of the computer game called Munich is a French Papa who lives on a huge farm with dozens of beautiful children and daughters in law, and manipulates Israeli, Palestinians, CIA and tutti frutti.

And there’s more where that came from. I had wondered how that movie could fare in today’s political climate.



  1. While I have yet to see the film I suspect there is something good (or at least balanced) about the fact that it has apparently provoked anger on both sides of the issue.


  2. The movie is terrific. Extraordinary film making, generally sophisticated politics, a superb snapshot of history for a culture that knows no history, and deeply thought provoking.Of course in a culture that so idolizes vapid entertainment that it elevates Arnold, a second rate actor who made a career out of glorifying violence in a world consisting only of good guys and bad guys, Munich is quite a stretch.We are a nation that can only understand slogans and Manichean ideas of crusades against infidels. The bad guys are terrorists, all of them, no distinctions. They are evildoers that kidnap and behead innocent Americans (less than 10) while we casually admit to killing over 30,000 Iraqi civilians. Munich demands intellectual attention, and dares to explore head on ages old issues of violence and war, of racial hatred, anti-semitism and human anguish.For the stooges who act as our national arbiters of taste and politics, that is just way too much.


  3. Interesting way to characterize 280 million people. Overgeneralization, anyone? A culture that knows no history? Stereotypes are only wrong if it is Americans stereotyping Muslims? Not everyone sits and watches American football every evening and weekend. But I don’t want to disrupt the vision of America that you have created for yourself.


  4. Brian, your response reveals much about your politics but little about Munich.Your America-is-dumb screed was misplaced. The Free West review was not by an American. It was posted by Walter Laqueur, a respected historian of the Holocaust, fascism, totalitarianism, terrorism, and zionism, who has published approximately < HREF="" REL="nofollow">66 titles<> on those subjects.A short bio if you understand German (I assume you do given your criticism of ignorant Americans who don’t know history or culture):<>Er wurde am 26. Mai 1921 in Breslau geboren und konnte noch im Herbst 1938 auf “legalem” Weg als Student aus Deutschland ausreisen. Seine Eltern und die meisten seiner Verwandten wurden in den Konzentrationslagern der Nazis ermordet. Der knapp 18-jährige Laqueur kam nach Palästina und erlebte die Kriegsjahre und den Unabhängigkeitskrieg nach der Gründung des Staates Israel als landwirtschaftlicher Arbeiter und schliesslich als Journalist. Laqueur hat kein abgeschlossenen Hochschulstudium, er ist Autodidakt. Im Alter von 35 Jahren verließ er Israel und lebt seitdem als Historiker und Publizist in Paris, London und Washington.<> (< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Review<> of Walter Laqueur, < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Geboren in Deutschland. Der Exodus der jüdischen Jugend nach 1933<>,Propyläen Verlag, 2001.)Laqueur posted the review, but he didn’t write it–he says it was an email from a friend. The friend is likewise not an American, as the language used in the review reveals.


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