King George VII

So, Prince Charles is considering taking the throne name “George VII” when he becomes king. “Charles” has too many negative connotations apparently (King Charles I was beheaded; King Charles II was a joke; “King Charles III” aka Bonnie Prince Charlie was too Scottish).

Americans will, of course, remind the Prince of Wales of a King George who also comes with baggage: a mad king who lost a certain colony. Stick with Charles, your royal highness.



  1. There’s also a certain George over in said colony now referred to by some of his detractors as “King George” due to a lack of respect for the Constituion. Perhaps he should opt for another name? What name do you monarchists out there thing would be good?


  2. Well, Lancer, I can’t see what’s wrong with Charles. Perfectly nice name. As far as it having negative royal connatations, what royal name doesn’t?!(Anyway, the Queen ain’t dead yet, so he can stop plotting.)


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