It’s official: Ronan has a brain

Courtesy JHU Brain Science memory experiment.


  1. Dude?! Are you a lab rat?!? I can’t comment. Right before I came to JHU, I was in the <>worst<> lab experiment. It paid well, but there were tubes, and lots of other sutff I can’t get into here. Science is good, but…


  2. As < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Operation Ivy<> says,<>Healthy body sick mindYou’re working overtimeHealthy nody sick mindToo hectic, too hecticHealthy body sick mindIt’s just a matter of timeSick body sick mind<>– < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Healthy Body<>


  3. Somehow I knew this picture would end up here…Notice how the very top and bottom are cut off? You, my friend, have a large noggin. Most folks’ brains fit in that window. Before your ego gets big enough to match your cranium, though, you should know that IQ and brain volume are <>not<> correlated. Sorry.


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