Introducing…. Ramsey Clark

Ramsey Clark is one of the chief spokesmen of the antiwar movement, the leader of the ANSWER coalition that launched indignant protests against the Iraq War, and one of the most consistently outraged people in the world. He and Harold Pinter are mates. And now (excerpting from a Hitchens piece in the LA Times) he gives us this:

“To be exact, in an interview with the BBC last week and another in the New York Times on Tuesday, Mr. Clark addressed the charge that in 1982, after an apparent attempt on his life in the Iraqi town of Dujail, Hussein had ordered the torture and murder of about 150 men and boys from the area.

Far from denying that any such horror had occurred — and it is one of the smaller elements in the bill of indictment — Clark asserted that it was justifiable. He has now twice said in public that, given the war with the Shiite republic of Iran, Hussein was entitled to take stern measures. “He had this huge war going on, and you have to act firmly when you have an assassination attempt,” he told the BBC.”

Ramsey and all his boys and girls would be among the first to get spitting mad over a microdrop of American urine hitting hitting a Koran at Gitmo. But in his upside-down world (and that of the most rabid Pinter-loving Bush-revilers) Saddam’s crimes can be defended because “he had this huge war going on….”

You know, you’ve got to act firmly when you’re fighting a war and you’ve got an assassination attempt! Surely you all understand!

Love ya Ramsey and all of your unintentional comedy.