Credit where credit is due.

I’m no economist (I know that Lancer can hold his own on Sumerian economics, though), but Bush’s guest-worker proposals seem eminently sensible: there are many jobs in the US that Americans don’t want to do; immigrant labour is required; hey presto, make ’em legal for a set amount of time.

Poor old George can’t win, though. I’m on board (a self-confessed liberal), but some of his own party have already nixed the idea.

Politics is exhausting. Time for more posts on cricket….


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  1. I tend to agree, R. I don’t know too much about it, but it seems that if the American standard of living is such that back-breaking labor at low wages is not enticing, then we’ll have to find others to do it. Right? That, or pay much more for vegetables and such.We do this already, to some extent. Your Nike shoes aren’t made here. That (not fun) labor is done in east Asia.There are concerns– terrorist concerns, for instance– but they cab easily be addressed. Most foreigners here just want to work. And most of those want to work in jobs average Americans want no part of.I don’t see a problem, but perhaps smarter people would point them out…


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