No wonder our media are going to hell!

In this feature in the New York Review of Books, Michael Massing suggests that blow-hards like Rush Limbaugh, as well as the need for most major papers to turn a profit of over 25% (!), are resulting in a slow death for hard core objective news in America. Tragically, this explains a lot about the state of things in America today.



  1. Which is why NPR and Jim Lehrer are the only things in the broadcast media worth tuning in to. (Useless piece of information: the PBS New Hour is the Mormon Prophet’s news show of choice. Hey, if you’re going to have a prophet, pray that he watches Jim Lehrer and not Fox News.)BTW, headlifers, lancer gave a paper at a prestigious conference this week-end that I hear went down extremely well. Kudos, sir.)


  2. Lance, congrats on your presentation, glad it went well.What’s funny about this post is not what you say about Limbaugh (he’s a politicized animal, a strident partisan, he generally annoys me) but that you seem to believe that there WAS a day when “hard core objective news” was the norm in the US. I can only assume you refer to pillars of the old news world like Mr Rather, who’s work on GWB and the National Guard was a masterpiece of objectivity.You see, there is nothing pernicious at all about a Limbaugh because he states his position. You know what he is–a rabid Republican. But Dan Rather pretends to be delivering you “news”…”objectively”… without editorializing. This is, and always was a fiction. Rush Limbaugh is more honest than Dan Rather because he doesn’t pretend to be objective.Meanwhile Blogs like Instapundit have saved us from the sloppy fraudulence of CBS news who was ready to accept an unvetted forgery as a legitimate document. Those really were beautiful days when there was no one who would have called them on it.Please.


  3. But the Rather thing was not too long ago. That falls within the the current trend, so your point is invalid. Rather and the problems that came/come with it (along with the free ride George got in the run-up to the war) are exactly what I’m talking about.Remember when Woodward had integrity?


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