Thank goodness for our President!

It looks like those horrible people over in the US Senate passed a huge bill calling for $60 billion in tax cuts for ultra-weathy Americans. Normally, I’m fine with this. Particularly when programs for greedy poor people– like Medicaid and foodstamps, or for undeserving middle class kids looking for student loans, should be cut. But I get really mad when I hear that those people are going to stick it to Big Oil: “The largest oil companies, nevertheless, would be hit with about $4.3 billion in taxes through a change in accounting methods.”

The good news, though, is that our President is threatening to veto this bill. After all, we must protect Big Oil. Their profits, as I understand it, were kind of high this last quarter, but that doesn’t mean that we need to find new ways to generate revenue. Again– why do middle class kids need student loans? So thanks, Mr. President, for keeping America focused on the priorities that matter to the average citizen: tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, gutting programs for the poor and middle class, and making sure that Big Oil doesn’t pay too much during years when they reap unimaginable profits!


  1. Did Big Oil lie to Congress when they said they didn’t meet with Sir Richard in 2001 in a closed-door energy policy meeting? That’s what the press is suggesting, but Stu’s got me all paranoid about liberal media that I’m only going to read Atlantic articles from now on.


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