Just because I can

This post has no purpose beyond proving the fact that I am fully capable of blogging on the reborn Headlife and that I’m enthusiastic about this fact. What will we blog in the next year? Soccer? Sure. Rioting in Paris? I have no doubts. Political posturing on the left like the current “we didn’t actually know anything about pre-war Iraqi intel and that’s how y’all deceived us!!” game? In abundance. Political fumbling on the right like GWB’s late recognition that “oh sheise! I actually have to make a public case for the Iraq War!!!!”? You bet.

It will be fun. More fun, I am betting, than the first round.



  1. How about King Cheney’s refusal to state why he wants to keep torture as an option for the CIA? Accounting for one’s views to the public whom you serve? Not for King Cheney.Welcome back Stu. Some of us want the Utah Democrat Stu rather than the California Republican Stu, btw.


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